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Gallery I


Gallery I

Gallery II
Including the mummy identified as Queen Hatshepsut.

Gallery III
Including the mummy identified as Queen Tiye.

 Gallery IV
Featuring the controversial KV 55 mummy. Now with a revised reconstruction of ancient events in this perplexing tomb.

Gallery V
Featuring the mummies of Tutankhamen and his children. Still in preparation.


Gallery I 
Now including the
mummy identified as
Ramesses I.


Gallery I


Gallery I

Gallery II

21'st Dynasty Coffins from DB320
  Examine the coffins
of 21'st Dynasty Theban Rulers.

  Unidentified  Mummies

Gallery I
Including the mummy identified as Tutankhamen's mother.

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Inhapi's Tomb

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Special Exhibits

The Treasures of Yuya and Tuyu
  View the funerary equipment of Queen Tiye's parents.

 Tomb Raiders of KV 46
How thorough were the robbers who plundered the tomb of Yuya and Tuyu? How many times was the tomb robbed, and what were the thieves after? This study of post interment activity in KV 46 provides some answers.

Special KV 55 Section

Follow the trail of the missing treasures from mysterious KV 55.

KV 55's Lost Objects: Where Are They Today?

The KV 55 Coffin Basin and Gold Foil Sheets

KV 55 Gold Foil at the Metropolitan

Mystery of the Missing Mummy Bands

KV 35 Revisited
See rare photographic plates of a great discovery from Daressy's Fouilles de la Vallee des Rois.

Unknown Man E  
Was he really
buried alive?

The Tomb of Maihirpre
Learn about Victor Loret's important discovery of this nearly intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

Special Section:
Tomb Robbers!
Who were the real tomb raiders? What beliefs motivated their actions? A new perspective on the ancient practice of tomb robbing.

Special Section:
Spend a Night
with the Royal Mummies

Read Pierre Loti's eerie account of his nocturnal visit to the Egyptian Museum's Hall of Mummies.

Special Section:
An Audience With Amenophis II
Journey once more with Pierre Loti as he explores the shadowy  chambers of KV 35 in the early 1900's.

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Most of the images on this website have been scanned from books, all of which are given explicit credit and, wherever possible, a link to a dealer where they may be purchased. Some images derive from other websites. These websites are also acknowledged in writing and by being given a link, either to the page or file where the images appear, or to the main page of the source website. Images forwarded to me by individuals who do not supply the original image source are credited to the sender. All written material deriving from other sources is explicitly credited to its author. 
Feel free to use  material from the Theban Royal Mummy Project website. No prior written permission is required. Just please follow the same guidelines which I employ when using the works of other researchers, and give the Theban Royal Mummy Project  proper credit on your own papers, articles, or web pages. 

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Background Image:  Wall scene from the tomb of Ramesses II (KV 7.) From Karl Richard Lepsius, Denkmäler (Berlin: 1849-1859.)



Egypt On The Internet


Ancient Egypt Online!

    UPDATED December 17'th, 2021.

The Theban Mapping Project
Finally back online after many years of unavailability, this website
provides valuable data about the Valley of the Kings.

Excellent data and interactive virtual tours of certain tombs.
Webmaster Thierry Benderitte also provides very informative and
up-to-date monthly newsletters about the latest Egyptological developments.

Victor Loret: Egyptologist and collector
A wonderful French website that presents numerous photos of Loret's
excavations, including a set of rare images from the discovery of KV35.
George Wood has designed a fascinating website that provides detailed information
about Butehamun, the Deir el-Medina scribe who helped transfer mummies
into various cache tombs throughout the Theban Necropolis.

Joyce Tyldesley's page at the University of Manchester
Information about Dr. Tyldesley and her
numerous Egyptological publications.

Exploring Ancient Lands
Dylan Bickerstaffe provides a well-crafted and informative site.

Royal Cache DB320 Shabtis
Excellent photos and data about shabtis with a page devoted
exclusively to those found in DB320/TT320.

Bob Brier on Unknown Man E
This is an article Bob wrote for Archeology magazine.

The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project
Emma B. Andrews was a friend of Theodore Davis and accompanied him
on many of his excavations in the Valley of the Kings. Her diaries provide valuable
first-hand accounts of his great discoveries.

The Griffith Institute's Tutankhamen Database
Provides online access to Howard Carter's handwritten notecards
describing his discoveries in KV62 along with Harry Burton's photographs.

Donald P. Ryan's Website
Excellent site by Valley of the Kings Egyptologist Donald P. Ryan.
Among his many accomplishments,
Dr. Ryan discovered the mummy which has been
identified as Queen Hatshepsut.

Kmt: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
Keep up with current Egyptological events and
read in-depth articles about ancient Egypt, its
people and rulers, and the modern men and
women who bring its treasures to light.

Ian Bolton's Egypt: Land of Eternity  
An excellent source of data on Egyptological subjects,
this site is also an aesthetic pleasure to browse.

The Oriental Institute of Chicago
Begin here for all your research needs.

The official website of the
Archaeological Institute of America
Covers many different topics including
ancient Egypt.

Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer's
Ancient Egypt Site

Egyptology Resources
The first Egyptology site ever on the web!
And still going strong! Designed by Nigel Strudwick


Here are links to classic primary texts available in PDF format:

Les momies royales de Deir El-Bahari
by Gaston Maspero (1889)

Fouilles de la Vallee des Rois
by Georges Daressy (1902)

The Tomb of Thoutmosis IV
by Theodore M. Davis (1904)

(with Howard Carter, Gaston Maspero, Percy Newberry & G. E. Smith)

The Tomb of Iouiya and Touiyou
by Theodore M. Davis (1907)

(with Howard Carter, Gaston Maspero & Percy Newberry)

The Tomb of Yuaa and Thuiu
by J. E. Quibell (1908)

The Tomb of Siptah
by Theodore M. Davis (1908)

(with Edward Ayrton, George Daressy & Gaston Maspero)

Cercueils des cachettes royales
by George Daressy (1909)

The Tomb of Queen Tiyi
by Theodore M. Davis (1910)

(with Edward Ayrton, George Daressy, Gaston Maspero & G. E. Smith)

The Royal Mummies
By G. E. Smith (1912)

The tombs of Harmhabi and Touatânkhamanou
by Theodore M. Davis (1912)

(with George Daressy & Gaston Maspero)

The 1984 Doctorial Thesis of Nicholas Reeves
This is the original version of Reeves' classic work
Valley of the Kings: The Decline of a Royal Necropolis.