Egypt On The Internet

    Although many of the following links are distributed  throughout the text of this site, I thought it might prove helpful to present them all together on one page for easy reference. I will also add links to other sites of Egyptological interest whenever time permits. 


Bob Brier on Unknown Man E
This is an article Bob wrote for Archeology magazine. He refers to my theory
that Unknown Man E had died abroad and was mummified by foreigners
unfamiliar with Egyptian mummification techniques.

See If You Can Make A Mummy!
This wonderful interactive website enables you to test your
embalming skills! Become an assistant of Anubis and see
if you can make a mummy!

Egyptian Monuments
Sue and Tony Bayfield present an expertly crafted site
with stunning images, informative texts, and thorough information
about the many monuments of ancient Egypt.

Ottar Vendel's Absolute Egyptology
A colorful site with lots of good information about dynastic 
periods and ancient Egyptian religion.

The Center for Egyptological Studies
The most recent data concerning work in DB 320
from the Russian Academy of Science.

The Valley of the King's Foundation
Support Ongoing conservation and excavation
work in the royal Valley.

The Amarna Royal Tombs Project
Learn about the latest excavations of Professor 
Geoffrey T. Martin & Dr. Nicholas Reeves
as they search for undiscovered 18'th Dynasty
cache tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

The Tomb of Tutankhamen
Katherine Mann's beautifully crafted website
provides lots of good data and quality images
that download quickly.

The Griffith Institute's Tutankhamen Database
Destined to become one of the most visited websites
of its kind, the Griffith Institute database of objects
found by Howard Carter in KV 62 is in the process
of putting all 3,142 of Carter's note cards on the 
internet--accompanied by the 1,970 photos taken 
by Harry Burton! Some are already online.

Donald P. Ryan's Website
Excellent site by Valley of the Kings
Egyptologist. Among his many accomplishments,
Dr. Ryan discovered the mummy which many
think may be Queen Hatshepsut.

The Theban Mapping Project
Undoubtedly the best site about the Valley of the Kings
on the internet today (
n spite of their infuriating
habit of constantly changing URL's!)

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
Keep up with current Egyptological events and
read in-depth articles about ancient Egypt, its
people and rulers, and the modern men and
women who bring its treasures to light.

Reeder's Egypt Page
KMT's Greg Reeder presents a beautifully
crafted website on the Two Lands.

Ian Bolton's Egypt: Land of Eternity  
An excellent source of data on Egyptological subjects,
this site is also an aesthetic pleasure to browse.
G. E. Smith's Royal Mummies
Complete text and photographic plates
from Smith's classic work.

Mything Links: Egypt & the Sahara
Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D., has put together 
a marvelous and very extensive site of
categorized and annotated links. After 
browsing her Egyptology section, check 
out the rest of this impressive site.

The Ancient World Web
Now back up & running after a devastating
server crash. Still one of the best ancient history
link sites on the internet.

Rigby's World of Egypt
A personal favorite.

The Oriental Institute of Chicago
Begin here for all your research needs.

Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt
Some of the most beautiful pages available
on the internet.

Guardian's Egypt
A classic Egyptological site.

 Richard Deurer's Egypt Art
This has some wonderful contemporary
artwork done in classic Egyptian style
with a generous helping of humor!

The official website of the
Archaeological Institute of America
Covers many different topics including
ancient Egypt.

Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer's
History of Ancient Egypt Site

Telesterion Paleo-Anthro-Archaeo Links
A wide array of links, including some to
alternative theory sites.

Michael Malfliet's
Egyptological Home Page
Good links plus helpful index of KMT

Mediterranean Archaeology Resources
Wonderful resource site by
Ioannis Georganas of
the University of Nottingham, Dept. of Archeology

Egyptology Resources
The first Egyptology site ever on the web!
And still going strong! Designed by Nigel Strudwick

The Papyrus of Ani
See beautiful full-color scans of this famous ancient document

Click Here To Learn About Hieroglyphs!
Visit this wonderful interactive site to learn the secrets
of ancient Egyptian writing!

Mummy NFM5--An Egyptian Pharaoh?
by W. M. Pahl